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Thank you for visiting my site. It contains information about my career in Acting, Voice Over and Martial Arts.

I love all aspects of making movies, Television shows, Voice Overs and the production process.

Appearing in over 65+ Movies, Commercials and TV shows has provided the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing and very talented people.

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    Filming the Next Generation DALLAS

    Just filmed 2 days on the set of The Next Generation Dallas. (Day 2 & 3 of filming). Very exciting to see Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster. Loved to hear J.R. say “Bobbie” Very Powerful.


    Spent the past 2 days filming the movie Phobia. Set in 1885 Paris France. It was fun with all of the old costumes and hats (including tophats).

    Raymond Aaron (Chicken Soup for the Soul) Author

    Spent the weekend learning about “Branding and Marketing” from a master. A certified math genius and author of several book. He is one of the few people that has ever reached the North Pole on foot. Amazing accomplishments individual and very successful teacher, author and motivator.

    Stedman Graham (Oprah’s Boyfriend)

    Spent the day learning about “Core Value” from Stedman. He is an amazing person that overcame lots of adversity when he was growing up.  Stedman owns several companies and is on the board of directors for High Point University in North Carolina among other companies.

    Electric Cowboy Danceclub National Commercial

    Featured dancer in several scenes the National Commercial for the Electric Cowboy nightclub.  Did multiple dance scenes as partner dancing including lifts, spins and dips.  Also appearing in line dance scenes too. So look for the many moves when the commercial will start airing in January 2012.

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