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TMNT Casey Jones

The premier of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Casey Jones is happening on Sept 17, 2011.  Online at www.caseyjonesthemovie.com

I am Gabriel

1st Day for me on set for this new movie staring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard) and Dean Caine (Superman).  With Mike Norris (Chuck’s son) writing and directing. Playing the role of Head Paster for a church in Promise, TX.  Great day with congregation, choir and camera and crew clapping after my performance.  What an
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Added New Pictures to ITG Zombies

Just added new pictures to In The Game Zombies.  Had a fun time doing the filming.

Dallas on TNT

Dallas has just been picked up on TNT for 10 episodes.  Did the bar/cantina scene which made it to the trailer.  (handing off the money and the guys clanking their beers together). Can’t wait to shoot some more which starts mid-October for air in the summer of 2012.

In The Game Zombies

Just finished shooting In The Game – Zombies where I played a Zombie Laywer to the Queen Zombie.  It was fun getting makeup on.  Pretty cool set and great group to work with, had a lot of fun.  Filmed till 3:00am. Can’t wait to see this at the film festivals.

Dan Castellaneta on Everybody Loves Raymond

Watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” and saw Dan i.e. Homer Simpson on the show as Coach Brian.  I worked with Dan several days on “The Good Guys”  Episode 7 – Heist & Hunches in 2010.  Spent a bunch of time talking to him about voice over work and of course Homer Simpson.

David James Elliot for USO

Saw David on TV today too!  I was his standin for GCB – Good Christian Belles.  David was Commander Harmon on JAG and now doing a PSA (Public Service Annoucement) for the USO.

Bad Kids with Judd Nelson

Just finished filming Bad Kids, spending 4 long days on set.   Worked with Judd Nelson and Ben Browder.  Had a wonderful time and seemed like a reunion of cast and crew because so many I have worked with on other projects.

Bad Kids

Bad Kids starring Judd Nelson is set to shoot in the next couple weeks.  My role is a teacher in this new film based on the comic book series/graphic novel.

ITG Zombies

We are about to begin shooting of this feature film where I play a zombie lawyer.  Should be amazing and will post pictures once we shoot.

Mark Beklin on Hawaii Five-O

Mark Beklin appeared on Hawaii Five-O as Stan Edwards (Rachel’s Husband) I worked with him on Good Christian Belles.

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