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Hello and Welcome,

Thank you for visiting my site. It contains information about my career in Acting, Voice Over and Martial Arts.

I love all aspects of making movies, Television shows, Voice Overs and the production process.

Appearing in over 65+ Movies, Commercials and TV shows has provided the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing and very talented people.

Thanks for visiting and see you on set.
Steven Jeffers

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    President George W Bush Library

    Here are photos from recent family trip to the George W. Bush Presidential Library at the SMU campus in Dallas.

    Leader or Manager?


    If you own a small business, you are more of a leader or more of a manager? As an entrepreneur, you need to be both, but these roles require different approaches. A leader looks at the big picture, sets high-level goals and strategy, established clear standards and values, motivates, identifies opportunities and threats on a
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    Christmas Season 2013

    Christmas Season 2013

    Wisconsin Vacation, 2013

    Wisconsin Vacation

    Top 10 Male actors in Texas to watch for in 2013

    These actors residing in the Texas area are making some noise and should be watched for their roles in Film and TV. I have worked with 8 out of 10 of these fine gentlemen and most are good friends. IMDB Top 10 Male Texas Actors

    Steven Jeffers, Ordained Minister

    Reverend Steven Jeffers, Ordained Minister

    Yes, on June 27, 2013 I became an Ordained Minister. I am now allowed to perform marriages, funeral, baptisms, etc. Reverend Steven Jeffers

    Busy, Busy, Busy …

    I have been so busy with so many things, that not getting the website updated as quickly as wanted. Currently involved in 2 upcoming movies.  “Area 57” playing a Lieutenant Command of the Navy Seals and “In the Game – Modern War fare” playing A Colonel, A radio play – “Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy” as the
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    New Headshots

    Finally updated some of my headshots. Will have a few more up in the coming weeks.

    ID – Investigation Discovery (Discovery Channel) – The First Kill

    I filmed episode “The First Kill” for Investigation Discovery on the Discovery Channel.  It will air the first part of 2014. Playing the role of BJ Linceum was (one of two) Detectives on this true cold cases file.  The time of the murders was August, 1977 thru 1983.

    Steven Jeffers Wears an Olympic Gold Medal

    Yes, I got to wear this real Olympic Gold Medal!!!!  The medal pictured below. Steven Bradbury (Last Man Standing) of Australia.  The gold was won in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

    Met Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys

    What an AWESOME DAY! Got to meet and bump fists with Michael Irvin.

    Happy New Year 2013!

    IMDB Star Meter Ranking

    Steven Jeffers Actor, IMDB Star Meter Ranking

    This is the IMDB Star Meter Ranking for the week of June 17, 2012.  7,305 out of 4.2 million actors.  

    The Mentalists

    Augie Duke appeared tonight on “The Mentalists – Something Rotten in Redmund” with Simon Baker.  She played “Krista” the lead bad girl in the school. I worked with Augie on Bad Kids, August 2011

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