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Thank you for visiting my site. It contains information about my career in Acting, Voice Over and Martial Arts.

I love all aspects of making movies, Television shows, Voice Overs and the production process.

Appearing in over 65+ Movies, Commercials and TV shows has provided the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing and very talented people.

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Steven Jeffers

Voice Over

Steven really enjoys doing voice-over work.  Since the age of 16, when his voice changed dramatically to what it is today, people have been telling him his voice is a natural for this type of work, often commenting “You have the Voice of God.”
Very Deep, rich and has a calming, yet commanding effect, with similar characteristics to that of the late “Movie Guy” Don LaFontaine.
Steven has met some amazingly talented voice people in his career, most recently the comedic voice of Jeff Burghart. However, the most notable was in May 2010, when Steven has had the pleasure of working with the legendary Dan Castellaneta ie. Homer J. Simpson.
And now for the good stuff….

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